In the northern districts of Malawi, East Africa, every year the land becomes parched and water becomes scarce. After the annual rains stop, people must resort to drinking from stagnant ponds or shallow, hand-dug wells. These sources of water are often contaminated, containing parasites and disease. Multiple times a day, women and children bear the burden of walking miles to gather water.

It is safer for [our villagers] to collect water from the river than water from the open well. If they have to avoid the river, then they would have to travel more than two hours to have safe drinking water.

Chief M.

Even from Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID, we can make a difference!

Our goal this year is to raise $2,000 towards the Malawi Water Wells Project. Will you join us in accomplishing this goal? 100% of your donation will go directly to impacting lives in Northern Malawi! Together, we have the opportunity to bring transformation to lives with the power of safe, clean drinking water.

Campus Christian Fellowship and Living Faith Fellowship have teamed up with a ministry in Malawi to install two wells per year. Since 2016, we have funded the drilling of 12 wells – providing 7,000 people with safe, clean drinking water!

Their story all changed when we officially opened the Mubelele well. Many people gathered – dancing and celebrating their new freedom! We thank God for this partnership!

Bishop E.M.


Help provide sustainable water in Malawi.   #CCFGivesBack