Developing Disciples in Lordship, Leadership, and Life Skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a JCD?

JCD stands for “Jesus Christ Disciple” and the JCD Program is for college-age believers who have a passion for Jesus and want to impact their generation for Christ. This program focuses on developing disciples through Lordship, Leadership, and Life Skills. JCDs receive one-on-one mentoring, participate in group training and teachings, are part of a Campus Bible Study team, and are developed as Christian leaders. 

Is the JCD Program right for me?

If you are a Christian, if you are a college student or college-age, and if you want to grow in your relationship with God, the JCD Program is designed for you.

Am I ready for the JCD Program?

In 1 Timothy 4:12, Paul tells Timothy, a young pastor, not to allow anyone to look down on him because of his youth. Instead, Timothy was to set an example for others to follow. We can always find an excuse to not step out in leadership, but being a follower of Christ requires that we follow Jesus – even if we don’t feel qualified or comfortable. If you’re nervous about being a JCD – that’s okay! When God calls us, He meets us in our obedience and He equips us.

Do I have enough time to be a JCD?

Many of the time commitments involved in the JCD Program are commitments that you already have, such as attending weekly church services, CCF, Bible Study, Home Connect Group, Bible Foundations class, and Family Chores. Additionally, JCDs attend a monthly meeting, a monthly training in Life Skills, and weekly meetings with their Bible Study team. JCDs are also challenged to embrace the lifestyle of a follower of Christ: serving and reaching out to others. It’s an amazing training ground to learn how to serve the Lord while being faithful in your other life responsibilities.

What are the JCD Summer Studies?

All JCDs read two books over the course of the summer. These books are intended to help students continue to grow in their relationship with God, regardless of where they are over the summer. In conjunction with the reading, JCDs complete weekly homework lessons that are turned in to the JCD Admin assistant who then turns it into your JCD grader. Graders review the homework and respond with encouragement. At the end of the summer, the JCD Company reunites at the JCD Retreat having read the same books throughout the summer.

What if I haven’t completed Carpenter Series and/or MIRROR Class?

Carpenter Series 101 & 201 and MIRROR 1 are prerequisites for the JCD Program. These classes are also offered online so it’s not too late to enroll and complete these courses! Submit your JCD Application and include a note on it with what course you will need to complete. The class administrator will be in touch with you to help you get started.

Is the JCD Retreat mandatory?

Yes! This retreat is a time we get to gather together as the JCD Company to gain vision for the coming school year. Bible Study teams plan out their strategy to reach their assigned living group while connecting as friends. This retreat is important and can NOT be made up. If you want to be a JCD but cannot attend the retreat, please contact Zochil Burke.

How much does it cost to be a JCD?

The cost includes the two summer studies books you’ll be reading. The cost of the JCD retreat which includes one night’s lodging at camp, four meals, transportation, activities, printed materials, and a JCD t-shirt. And $25 deposit will be due at the beginning of summer and the remainder of the cost is due at the time of the JCD retreat.

Are there other ways to grow and be involved without being a JCD?

Absolutely. One of the greatest benefits of the JCD Program is that you are given resources through the program to help you grow and you have accountability through your mentor. But if you’re not a JCD, that doesn’t mean that you can’t press into growth and service on your own! Bible Foundations classes, serving on Team CCF, attending a Bible Study and a Home Connect Group are all amazing ways to continue growing and serving.



The JCD program has completely changed my relationship with God. I’ve been given a close knit community of friends and mentors that have pushed me to take every next step with Jesus.
I thrive with the accountability, but I mostly just feel so blessed to get to use my position as a JCD to invite people into our community.

Hannah Ireton

2nd Year JCD

It’s been an awesome area for support and encouragement, but also it’s an area to learn practical steps in growing my relationship with Jesus.

Kierra Smith

2nd Year JCD

The JCD program has helped me see what it means to be a true follower of Jesus. I never expected to grow this much. I can hardly recognize my old freshman self.

Ben Matson

3rd Year JCD

The JCD program has given me the tools and opportunities to grow as a disciple of Jesus. It has also helped me learn how to better serve others and minister to those entrusted to my care.

Benito Ramirez

JCD Alum